• Company Name : DAISHO GLASS Co., Ltd.
  • Address : 6-5 Shigino Nishi, 2-Chome, Joto-ku, Osaka
  • Capital : JP\¥60,000,000.-
  • Activity : Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of glass and plastic products.
  • Office & Factory : Tokyo branch office
  • Naruto branch office & factory (glass and hollow molding plastic products)
  • Kyushu branch office
  • Kushiro branch office & factory (injection molding plastic products)
  • Establiched : 1956 (Business started in 1917)
  • President & CEO : Yoichi Toku
  • Company Name : DAISHO Co., Ltd.
  • Capital : JP\¥10,000,000.-
  • Activity : Import & Export of glass & plastic products.
  • Establiched : 1949

  • Company Name : DAISHO CHEMICAL Co., Ltd.
  • Capital : JP\¥50,000,000.-
  • Activity : Manufacturing and sales of injection-molding plastic products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foods.
  • Establiched : 1977
  • 1917
    Chuji Tsuchide, the founder of our companies, started manufacturing and sales of glass bottles for domestic market and export to South East Asia, India, etc. The name of the company was “Tsuchide shoten”.
  • 1949
    The firm was reorganized to limited company and changed the name to “Daisho Co.,Ltd.”
  • 1956
    Established “Daisho Glass Co., Ltd.”, for domestic sales of glass bottles, plastic bottles and caps.
  • 1964
    Daisho Glass Co.,Ltd. started the manufacturing of “opaque white glass bottles”
  • 1977
    Established “Daisho Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.,” for manufacturing of plastic bottles/container and small parts.
  • 1991
    Opened the Tokyo branch office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • 1999
    Founded a clean room at headquarters in Osaka
  • 2012
    Opened the Kyushu branch office in Fukuoka
With our integrity and network, we produce packages to convey your heart.
    "Suggestion", "Production", "Planning" and "Control". By linking each of them by network,
    we maximize our company power and produce total packages capable of meeting different needs.
    Daisho glass group has two production bases in Kushiro factory (Hokkaido pref.) and Naruto factory (Tokushima pref.). Kushiro factory makes a variety of plastic parts for medical products as plastic caps for infusion bags under our clean and fully-automated facilities. Naruto factory makes plastic bottles and glass bottles including "GYOKU" which only we can make in Japan. We build up a close network with a number of affiliated factories and it enables prompt and reliable response from production of bottles to secondary processing. We give careful consideration to the environment by stopping the use of mold release agent or using an electrical fumace to reduce the emission of CO2 to nearly zero. A variety of process for both glass and plastic products enables us to meet different needs of our customers.
Nobody knows when or where contingency appears. That's why we seriously conduct a full inspection one by one.
    Our products are always safe for use and never betray trust of our customers. This is more important performance than anything else for the products of Daisho glass Co., Ltd. So, we conduct a full inspection which our competitors rarely conduct. We spare no effort to gain safety and trust.
    Quality control mainly conducts dimension measurement or performance check as drop test and leak test. In quality control, we store the approved master samples from our customers to maintain stable quality. We conduct a total quality control from your order to shipment including a preparation of delivery specification. We are always trying to enhance trust for our products from all angles.