AECA - PET Cream Jar by Insert Molding - Merits
  • The PET material produced by insert molding generates profound texture and clarity like glass.
  • An excellent design balance with the golden ratio.
  • The double structure capable of decorating both the firstlayer and the second layer enables design
    expressions applying the depth.
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Name Volume Size Accessories
1 AECA30AT 30mL H114.0×W36.0mm Z-200kp-CO24
2 AECA 50 50g H40×W65mm AE-50C
3 AECA 30 30g H36×W58mm AE-30C
4 AECA 20 20g H33×W53mm AE-20C
5 AECA 10 10g H28.5×W46.5mm AE-10C