- We transform expectations into satisfaction -

We not only respond to our customers’ expectations, but give them satisfaction that exceeds their expectations. This is our philosophy, which has remained unchanged since the time of our founding.

  • ① Quality
  • We are committed to three qualities. Safety, functionality, and beauty.


    We provide containers of high quality that ensures the safety required for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products.


    We aim to produce containers which anyone can use with ease, containers with high functionality.


    We are committed to containers with “beauty” that appeals to people’s five senses.

    We constantly communicate actively with our customers and strive to satisfy their desires by continuously providing them with the products they anticipate and with balanced products that also satisfy the three qualities - safety, functionality, and beauty - to a high degree.

  • ② Speed
  • Daisho Glass is approaching its 100th anniversary. We want to continue to change by constantly and quickly grasping the changing times instead of being bound by unshakeable ideas. While a company with a history, ours is also a healthy company brimming with a youthful sense of speed.

  • ③ Crossover
  • Our company, Daisho Glass, creates revolutionary new products and services by making the maximum possible use of existing resources. We blend the resources not only of our own employees and assets, but those of our suppliers who share our goals, to create products and services with new value never seen before.

    - Augmentation -

    We believe our purpose to be the “augmentation” (strengthening/enhancement/promotions/expansion) of the value of our customers' products, and are certain of our ability to contribute to the people of the world by providing high-value containers and services.